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Three bizarre (and potentially brilliant) ideas about music and health from TEDMED
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Scientists have known for a long time that music — the pitch, tone, modality and lyrics — can have physiological effects and psychological effects on people. Can that power be harnessed as a treatment for disease, addiction, even pain management?

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Death Stranding's trailer music is coming to vinyl from Mondo
While Hideo Kojima and the rest of Kojima Productions are still a long way off from delivering their first video game as a new studio, that's not stopping them from giving hardcore fans what they want: stuff to buy. In addition to merchandise and high ...

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The Birth Of 'Nueva Trova Cubana' And Other Music Styles In Castro's Cuba
Various music styles, from singer-songwriters to dance music to hip-hop, emerged over the many years of Fidel Castro's rule in Cuba. MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: Now we'd like to take a minute to consider how Castro influenced the country in one particular way ...